Adult-dependent relatives of British citizens who wish to settle in the UK may apply for an adult-dependent relative visa. 

You must be a British citizen, a resident of the UK, or a person in the country under refugee or humanitarian protection to sponsor an adult-dependent relative. 

Adult Dependent Relative Visa Requirements: 

You must prove to UK Visas and Immigration that you are eligible for an adult-dependent relative visa by providing the following evidence: 

  • You are a parent, grandparent, brother, or sister at least 18 years old. 
  • 18 years of age or older, or the son or daughter of a person living in the UK who is over 18 and who is either a British citizen or has established residency there. Or who has limited permission to remain under Appendix EU. Or who has status as a refugee or under humanitarian protection?
  • You need long-term personal care because of your age or illness which includes assistance with activities of daily living, including washing, dressing, and cooking. 
  • You are unable to get the necessary level of care in your country of residence, even with the financial assistance of a family member who resides in the UK, either because it is not offered or because no one (close relative, domestic helper, housekeeper, nurse, carer, care facility, or nursing home) in your country is in a position to provide it reasonably.
  • Without using public funds, your family member will sufficiently maintain, a house. And care for you in the United Kingdom (if your family member is a British citizen or has settled in the UK. Also, they will be asked to sign a 5-year commitment to this effect).
  • If required, you have been given a TB test pass certificate. 

Your particular situation will determine the exact conditions you must meet. For professional guidance, you might want to talk with an immigration solicitor

What Must You Know About the Adult Dependent Relatives Visa? 

Due to advanced age, disease, or disability, a relative visa applicant must need ongoing personal care to carry out daily duties, and that care must either be unavailable or too costly where they now live. 

The third requirement is far more difficult to meet even if the applicant for an Adult Dependent Relative visa does experience the severe level of illness indicated by the second criterion. It will be difficult for most sponsors to show that they cannot care for their dependent relative in their home place if they can afford to support and house that relative for five years. 

An Adult Dependent Relative of a BN(O) Status Holder is given a different path under Appendix Hong Kong British National (Overseas). Only applicants who are not citizens of the UK may apply for an adult-dependent relative visa. 

From within the UK, changing to the Adult Dependent Relative route is not feasible. However, there are some particular situations in which a dependent relative may be able to apply for leave to remain within the UK based on human rights. 

The Home Office may still grant permission for a person to enter the UK even if they have applied for an Adult Dependent Relative visa from outside the country. The Home Office is not convinced that they meet all the route requirements because doing so would violate Article 8 of the Human Rights Convention and have unjustifiably severe repercussions for them or their family. 


My Legal Services advise and support adult-dependent relatives who want to move to the UK and establish a family there. Our immigration barristers can assist you if you need professional advice on the requirements of the Immigration Rules for an Adult Dependent Relative visa application. Also, an unbiased evaluation of your chances of being granted an Adult Dependent Relative visa. Or professional assistance with preparing an Adult Dependent Relative visa application or immigration appeal. 

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