Finding the most popular bikini style has never been easier. With multiple bikini styles available online, you’re sure to find something that suits you. Once you choose a style, the options expand exponentially when choosing between fabric, pattern, and color. 

Finding the perfect bikini isn’t the same for everyone. We all have different tastes. The best thing about any bikini is its versatility. The ability to mix and match tops and bottoms can take you from having three bikinis to nine potential outfit combinations. Below are the most popular styles this season; find one that speaks to you at L space

1. Cup Size Tops 

If you’re looking for the most flattering fit and a little lift, consider wearing a cup-size bikini. Cup-size tops are made to have the shaping, supportive fit of a bra with a quick-drying, water-friendly material. Cup-size bikinis will give you that show-stopping look, and make you the center of attention. 

2. Halter Top Bikinis

Halter top bikinis are the perfect mix between sporty and flirty. They offer moderate bust support while leaving the back open for some sun exposure. Whether you plan on longing on the beach or engaging in a volleyball game, you can’t go wrong wearing a halter top bikini. 

3. One Shoulder Tops 

One-shoulder bikinis add an asymmetrical flare and are perfect for garnering attention. There is a slight amount of support from the singular shoulder strap. Asymmetrical designs are perfect for drawing attention to specific areas. Be mindful of strap thickness and placement, as you are sure to have tan lines on one side. 

4. Triangle Top Bikinis

Triangle top bikinis are a classic design that most people think of when shopping for bikinis. They offer light support and show plenty of cleavage. Their thin lines are less noticeable in terms of tan lines and they are widely adjustable. You might need something sturdier if you plan on body surfing or riding jet skis, but triangle-top bikinis are perfect for swimming at the pool and lounging. 

5. Bandeau Bikinis

Bandeau bikini tops are the perfect option for sunbathers. If you want to improve your tan this summer and avoid those pesky tan lines, a bandeau from L Space might be for you. They’re incredibly stylish and lend that perfect glow when you change into a strapless dress later in the evening. Getting a bikini with a well-fitting band size is crucial when selecting bandeau bikinis, as there are no straps for added support. You don’t want the waves to make off with your top. 

Best Bikinis To Buy

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a modest bikini or thin straps and minuscule coverage, at L Space, there is a style and design out there for everyone; you just have to know what to look for. The best option is the bikini that you feel most comfortable in. Try different styles and until you find one that screams – yes! It doesn’t hurt to have a few backups in your closet.

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