A workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of functions that are executed in a sequence designed to enable business process automation. This is a highly useful feature that can significantly reduce the amount of manual work and save the company’s resources.

In this article, you will learn more about workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Concept of Workflows

A workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be considered as a set of steps that need to be executed in order to complete a business task. To be initiated, a workflow requires a specific condition, which is usually associated with a record. Creating a new record, changing a record status or its field value, assigning a record, and its removal can trigger a workflow, which is then executed automatically. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows its users to combine conditions in more complex algorithms and create conditional branches.

Workflows can be created and customized through the PowerApps development platform. When workflows are no longer needed, they can be disabled. Moreover, users can track workflows to assess them and detect whether they are running as expected.

Although workflows allow many business processes to run autonomously without human supervision. And this does not mean users do not have control over them. Whenever a task requires human assessment and decision, it can be set to request user approval.

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Examples and Types of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Workflows

Workflows can be created to automate various tasks related to internal business processes, as well as those that require interaction with users outside the organization, for instance, customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with pre-built workflows, called systems or standard workflows, which can be customized to meet the requirements of a particular company. As mentioned earlier, it is also possible to create unique custom workflows from scratch.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports interactive workflows that require input at various stages. They are commonly referred to as dialog workflows and are useful for collecting data and guiding users through a certain process, whereas the decisions made by the system are based on user input.

As mentioned earlier, it is possible to create a workflow that requires approval before performing a particular action. Such workflows require additional steps such as submitting a request and approving or rejecting it after reviewing it.

One of the most popular types of workflows used by companies is invoice processing. For example, it is possible to set up a workflow to verify the invoice details as soon as they are received. Other steps in the workflow could include requesting invoice approval and updating the system.

Another typical example is a lead management workflow that assigns a newly created lead to a specific sales representative. The next step of the workflow is sending an email notification and scheduling a call.

Benefits of Workflows for Businesses

Since workflows automate business processes, they open up many opportunities for businesses to save their resources. Automating repetitive tasks reduces manual labor and associated costs. It also increases accuracy by eliminating human error, which can help organizations to avoid serious consequences such as costly downtime.

In addition, workflows make it easier for companies to achieve consistent results because all processes are executed according to the same rules and standards.

Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics 365 can also improve communication. This can be done, for example, by notifying users of important events. This ERP and CRM suite also allows users to monitor the status of processes within a workflow. And identify potential problems or already existing bottlenecks.


Finally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflows are also customizable. And meaning companies can decide for themselves whether they need to create a new workflow from scratch or whether it will be enough to modify an existing one.