Fujitsu’s fi-8170 and fi-7700 are excellent large-format scanners offering many features and benefits. The fi-8170 excels in versatility and accuracy with Clear Image Capture and support for many document types. Meanwhile, the fi-700 incorporates a flatbed scanner and supports many larger document sizes. Both models can handle virtually any scanning task from sensitive documents to baseball cards.

Clarity and Versatility

The Fujitsu 8170 can scan several types of documents. It supports standard paper sizes plus receipts, business cards, hard plastic ID cards, and envelopes. It handles paper sizes up to 8.5 by 14 inches and long-page scans up to 240 inches. Even better, it can scan many different paper sizes in the same job. With these features, you enjoy some excellent advantages:

•        Scanning mixed-size documents without presorting or switching machines

•        Automatic adaptation to multiple paper sizes without the need for manual settings adjustments

•        No need to break long page scans up into smaller documents

The fi-8170 also excels at speed and accuracy. The 8170 supports double-sided scanning with speeds of up to 70 pages per minute. It also uses Clear Image Capture, a 3D color conversion technology that digitizes images using over 4,900 color levels. This innovative approach eliminates color shift and line distortions, producing the clearest images possible. 

Oversized Images

The Fujitsu fi-7700 offers many of the 8170’s capabilities plus large format scanning. Incorporating an A3 double-letter size flatbed, the 7700 scans fragile documents, books, and photos. It also supports document sizes from 2 x 2.7 inches to 12 x 17 inches and can handle ultra-long documents up to 656 feet. With an expected daily volume of 44,000 sheets, it’s also ideal for high-volume scanning.

With double-sided scanning of up to 100 pages per minute, the fi-7700 speeds up document imaging tasks. It’s also equipped with a 300-page automatic document feeder outfitted with easy-alignment guides to handle large document batches. The ADF can rotate up to 180 degrees, offering the versatility needed for capturing many kinds of documents.

Delicate Documents

Both the 8170 and the 7700 incorporate features to prevent jams and misfeeds. The fi7700’s automatic skew correction and active separation capture every detail and minimize jamming risk. The fi-8170’s Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection with ultrasonic sensors detect skewed sheets or paper with staples as they feed through the machine. Both have multi-feed detection, which senses overlapping sheets and ensure all data is captured. With these functionalities, the 8170 and the 7700 are both excellent choices as baseball card scanner, library scanners, and other specialty applications. 

Powerful Scanning Options

The fi-8170 and fi-7700 are just two out of many scanner models available from Fujitsu. While each offers a slightly different set of features, they both handle large-volume scanning with ease. With their paper handling and imaging capabilities, scanning small, large, and fragile documents becomes much easier. While both are equally impressive, you still have a decision to make. You’ll want to review each scanner’s features and specs to determine which best meets your business’s needs.

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