ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset Disposition, which refers to the responsible disposal of outdated technology equipment. This process involves various activities such as data sanitization, equipment refurbishment, recycling, and resale. You can sell PC units to reputed recyclers to declutter your home and dispose of the device responsibly. So, here are some of the types of equipment that can be sold to trusted ITAD companies:


Laptops contain components such as processors, storage drives, displays, keyboards, and batteries. Users can sell PC laptops they no longer use to reputed recyclers and earn cash, depending on the device’s condition. When a laptop enters the ITAD process, it undergoes an initial assessment to determine its condition and functionality. This process includes checking for physical damage, assessing hardware performance, and verifying data presence.

To erase sensitive data in the memory and hard drives, professionals use specialized software to overwrite data multiple times. Refurbishment involves replacing scratched or damaged hardware and making functional upgrades to improve performance and usability. For damaged batteries, specialists disassemble them and send them to recycling centers for repurposing or safe disposal.

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)

To sell your old GPU for cash or store credit, create a listing with a trusted recycler and enter the specifications. When GPUs enter the ITAD process, professionals verify the GPU’s features and assess its ability to perform graphics rendering tasks. They use diagnostic tools and software to test the GPU’s performance on gaming simulations, graphic design applications, and computational tasks.

If the GPU is in poor condition, trained technicians separate the circuit board, cooling fan, heat sink, and external casing for recycling. They extract valuable plastics and metals, including gold, silver, copper, and aluminum.
The recovered metals are sent to smelters or refiners, where they are purified and reused to manufacture new electronic products. Moreover, plastics undergo recycling processes to be transformed into raw materials for manufacturing new plastic products.

Networking Equipment

Networking equipment includes devices that connect and manage communication within computer networks. These are routers, switches, and firewalls. The ITAD process for this equipment begins with professionals checking for hardware faults, software issues, and firmware compatibility. This helps them assess the devices’ performance and reliability. To refurbish networking equipment, professionals update the firmware to the manufacturer’s latest versions.

Components that may need to be replaced include power supplies, fans, interface cards, and memory modules. Networking equipment that can’t be refurbished due to irreparable damage, obsolete technology, or lack of demand is designated for recycling. During recycling, specialists disassemble and sort components for material recovery. So, materials that can be recovered include metals, plastics, and circuit boards.


ITAD companies reset smartphones to restore them to their original factory settings. This removes user-installed apps and personal configurations. After they wipe the data, professionals test various features for functionality, such as calling, texting, internet connectivity, and camera. Refurbishing phones involves replacing cracked screens, repairing or replacing faulty batteries, and fixing damaged ports or buttons. If the refurbished phones meet quality standards, they are sold through online marketplaces and retailers.

Obsolete and damaged smartphones undergo recycling to recover the glass, precious metals, plastics, and rare earth metals. Recovered glass is melted down and used to manufacture new glass products or as a raw material in other industries. Hazardous components or materials that can’t be recycled are disposed of according to environmental regulations. Licensed disposal facilities are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and technologies. And permits to manage hazardous waste safely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Sell PC Units To Trusted ITAD Companies

Established ITAD companies facilitate secure and sustainable e-waste management. So, they use industry-standard data erasure techniques to effectively remove confidential data, reducing the risk of data breaches. So, contact a reputable ITAD company today to sell PC equipment you no longer use.