Ùmap is an app that lets you create and edit maps, and share them with others. It is a platform that empowers you to discover, express, and contribute, and to join a global community of mappers. it is based on OpenStreetMap, a collaborative project that aims to create a free and open map of the world. 

By using Ùmap, you can access and update the data on OpenStreetMap, and add your features, such as markers, lines, polygons, and labels. You can also customize the style, color, and icon of each feature, and add descriptions, photos, and links. You can also explore and interact with other users’ maps, and rate, comment, and follow them. 

You can also join groups and collaborate on maps with other users who share your interests or goals. It is more than just a mapping app. It is a new way to map the world.

How does ùmap work?

The foundation of Ùmap is OpenStreetMap, an open-source initiative that attempts to provide a free and public map of the entire planet. Volunteers from the community maintain OpenStreetMap, adding and updating elements to the map from a variety of data sources, including aerial photography, GPS traces, and local knowledge. As long as they give credit and share equally, anybody can use, alter, and distribute OpenStreetMap data under the terms of the Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).


Accessing and editing OpenStreetMap data is made simple with the help of the app Ùmap. In addition to using the online version on PCs, users can download the app for their tablets or smartphones. It is easy for users to see, search, and explore the maps with the app’s user-friendly design. Also, by including labels, polygons, lines, and markers, users can make their maps. In addition to adding links, images, and explanations, they can alter the appearance, feel, and symbol of any feature. Additionally, users can alter the map’s current features, such as adding details, fixing mistakes, or removing out-of-date data.

Share interests

Users can save their maps on their devices or upload them to the map server. Additionally, they can export their maps as a picture or file, embed them on a website, or send a link to them. Along with rating, commenting, and following other users, users may also view and explore their maps. Along with working on maps with other users who share their interests or objectives, users can also form groups.

Why use ùmap?

It is more than just a mapping app. It is a platform that empowers users to create and share their maps, and to participate in a global community of mappers. By using it users can:

  1. Discover new places and information. Users can find and learn about places that are not on conventional maps, such as hidden gems, local attractions, or personal recommendations. Users can also access up-to-date and accurate information, as the maps are constantly updated by the community.
  2. Express themselves and their perspectives. Users can create maps that reflect their personal interests, hobbies, passions, or opinions. Users can also use maps to tell stories, document events, or showcase their work.
  3. Help the common good by contributing. Since millions of people use OpenStreetMap data for navigation, education, research, and humanitarian aid, users have the opportunity to contribute to the quality and coverage of this valuable resource. Additionally, users can endorse and support projects and causes that advocate, mobilize action, or promote awareness through maps.

How to get started with it?

The following actions can be taken to get started if you are interested in using the app:

  • Use the computer’s online version or the app that you downloaded for your tablet or smartphone. On the official website, the connections are available.
  • Use your email address or a social media account to register for a free account. Although you cannot share or save your maps, you can still log in as a guest.
  • Use the search function or pick a location on the map to find a spot to update or explore. Using the GPS feature, you may easily find your location on a map.
  • You may either choose an already-existing map to alter or tap the + symbol to create a new one. By tapping on the globe icon, you may also peruse and investigate maps created by other users.
  • To incorporate features into your map, simply tap the pencil symbol. A variety of features, including labels, polygons, lines, and markers, are available for selection. Each feature also has the option to have links, images, and explanations added, as well as changes to the style, color, and symbol.
  • Edit existing features on the map by tapping on them. You can correct errors, add details, or delete outdated information. You can also rate, comment, and follow other users’ maps.
  • Save your map on your device or upload it to the ùmap server by tapping on the save icon. You can also share your map with others by tapping on the share icon. You can send a link, embed it on a website, or export it as an image or a file.


Ùmap is a new way to map the world. With the help of this crowdsourcing mapping software, people may make, modify, and share maps. It is built on OpenStreetMap, an open-source collaborative initiative to make a free map of the entire planet. With the help of the platform, its users may explore, express, and participate in a global community of mappers.


1. What is ùmap? 

It is a crowdsourced mapping app that lets users create and edit maps, and share them with others.

2. How does it work? 

OpenStreetMap, a collaborative initiative to create a free and public map of the world, is the foundation of Umap. With the app, users may make their maps by adding elements like labels, lines, polygons, and markers, and they can also view and update OpenStreetMap data. Users can also share their maps with other people by providing a link, embedding their maps on a website, or exporting them as a file or image.

3. Why use it?

It is more than just a mapping app. It is a platform that enables individuals to express themselves and their viewpoints, learn about new locations and topics, and advance society. In addition, users can engage with a worldwide community of mappers who have similar interests or objectives.

4. How can I get it? 

On your tablet or smartphone, you can download the app, or you can utilize the computer’s browser version. For further details, you can also check out the official webpage.