The last 3 months of a pregnancy is called the third trimester and, in many ways, this puts mum under a lot of strain, as the baby grows. The birth is never far from your mind and the physical discomfort comes when you reach the final 4 weeks, which for many women. And this is the hardest part of the pregnancy.

We asked a midwife for a few tips for those entering the 3rd trimester, which we list below.

Swimming helps

Regular swimming is the perfect exercise for the 3rd trimester, the weightlessness eases your joints and muscles, which can relieve aches and pains. Do check with your GP first, just to be on the safe side. Also, check maternity one-piece swimwear.

Take a daily vitamin and mineral supplement

You do need extra iron during this period, as well as all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you and your baby need. Make sure your diet includes fresh fruit and vegetables, while cereals, rice, and beef contain high levels of iron. You can find a leading online health store that focuses on wholesome food and supplements.

Create a baby shower gift list

This is the best part of becoming parents, friends and family buy you the essential things you need take your time with this and do ask your partner for their input, which helps them to feel included.

Create a birth plan

This answers many questions, such as where you will give birth, who will be present, and what pain management you prefer. In the event you are sedated, your birth plan nominates a person to make any decisions on your behalf. Also, search online for free birth plan templates and instructions on content. Discuss this with your partner, who would likely be the person you nominate to make decisions.

Prepare meals for the post-natal period

Prepare tasty meals and freeze them, ready for when you arrive home with the baby. You won’t have the time or the inclination to cook and all you have to do is put the meal in the microwave. 

Stop drinking fluids for 2 hours before sleep

This should help you to enjoy a more restful night, otherwise, you will have to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

This is an exciting time and with the help of your partner, you will be well prepared for the arrival of your son or daughter.

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