Having a voice assistant is exciting because it makes life much more accessible and feels fantastic to complete tasks with your fingers. In fact, isn’t that what smart devices are designed to do?

Among voice assistants, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Amazon’s Alexa are undoubtedly in the lead. We’re going to discuss Google Assistant today. You can make the most of your Google Home smart speaker using Google Assistant instructions.

You can now use “Hey Google” pretty much anywhere you go, all due to the Google Assistant app. In such a short period of time, Google Assistant has truly solidified its position.

It can make your life a lot easier because it is automated in many more ways. At first, it merely used Google’s fantastic search to help one seek all kinds of questions.

The finest Google Assistant commands let you control your schedule, translate languages so you can travel the world, stay in touch with your loved ones, get cuisine recommendations, and even test your knowledge of trivia.

Additionally, there are a few unique instructions for controlling your smart home system’s top Google Home-compatible gadgets. This holiday season, FirstEnergy Home is having a smart bundle sale that not only has a smart speaker included but smart home plugs and switches as well.

In this article, we will be sharing some of these Google Assistant commands with you!

Locate Your Phone:

Perhaps despite being specific, you left your Pixel 4 XL on the couch, and you can’t seem to locate it. Google Assistant can help you find it, whether it’s been lost between your couch cushions. Or you just are unable to recall where you put it.

You can ask Google Home, “Hey Google, where’s my phone?” if you have a linked smart speaker, such as the Nest Mini. And your phone will start to ring.

It even works when your phone is in silent or Does Not Disturb mode, making it easier for you to find it. This is one of the coolest Google Assistant commands.

Unlock Your Phone Using Hands-Free Mode:

Don’t you just adore it when your command is answered by Google Assistant even while your screen is off? But since it takes a little bit more work to unlock your smartphone. And you detest it when your fingerprint or PIN method appears on the screen.

Hold on, because you can take action to fix the situation. Simply use the voice command feature of Google Assistant to unlock the device to avoid these processes. Go to your Google Assistant settings and select the Trusted Voice option first, then OK Google Detection.

Open Apps with Your Voice:

Say “Hey Google, open Gmail” and your Gmail will appear in front of you, for example, if you are washing your hands and want to check your smartphone’s inbox.

This is yet another excellent voice command for your Google Assistant. And it assists you in opening other apps, including third-party apps.

Check for Scam Calls:

It might be annoying to receive constant calls from telemarketers, and there are instances when you just aren’t sure how to get out of them. Do not be alarmed, we will reveal a helpful Google Assistant ability that you may apply.

It can assist you in blocking these inconveniences. And seriously undesired calls if you own a Pixel 3 or its most recent smartphone. The most recent Pixel devices have a Call Screen function that allows the Assistant to answer these incoming calls for you.

What’s even more fantastic is that you will be able to read a call transcript on screen, making it simpler for you to determine whether the incoming call is from a known contact or is simply unwelcome.

Immediately mark the call as spam and hang up if it was a telemarketer.

Play the Netflix Series and Movies You Love:

Ask Google Assistant to begin playing the desired Netflix movie or series if you want to relax and watch one with your loved ones or friends. To see how amazing chess can be, you can be particular and say, “Play Queen’s Gambit on Netflix.”

Check ahead of time to see if the show you are requesting is even accessible to stream on Netflix as this function can be hit-and-miss as some shows may not be available in your region.

Improve Your Day by Receiving Good News:

Due to its cyclical nature, the Covid-19 epidemic has become discouraging. In this situation, Google Assistant can help you feel a little better. You can get a synopsis of a positive news story and the chance to learn more by asking Google, “Hey Google, give me one good news.”

All in All:

In today’s advanced society, where most processes are automated, it is best to take a broader view of how things develop. We have shared some Google Assistant voice commands above that might add a little more fun and intrigue to your life.