Hurricanes bring dangerous flying debris, breaking windows and doors. They also cause severe building damage by blowing off roofs and causing internal pressure. These environmental hazards can be avoided by investing in a wind-load-rated heavy-duty door. They are essential for anyone living in a hurricane-prone area.

Increased Security

When most people think of high security, they immediately think of shielding design products that prevent manufactured accidents and hostile attacks. However, high security can also be applied to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Hurricane doors are specifically designed to withstand the brutal force of hurricane winds. Not only do they withstand the actual wind speeds, but they also withstand the impact and debris thrown around during a storm.

These doors are also much more challenging to break into compared to standard doors. It makes them a good deterrent against burglaries and will help you sleep better at night. Many hurricane doors can be fitted with a standard sentinel lock system to make them even more secure. In addition, they are excellent insulators that will help you save on your utility bills.

Increased Home Value

Hurricane-proof doors are an investment that can add value to your home. The reason is that prospective buyers will be more inclined to spend extra on a house previously prepared for severe weather.

Floridians live where stormy days and nights are a regular occurrence. They spend their days refreshing the National Hurricane Center website and keeping a water supply and supplies on hand just in case those tiny red Xs turn into something catastrophic. In addition to protecting their homes from high winds and debris, these residents must ensure that rain does not seep through their doors and into the garage or house. It is why impact doors are such an essential option for Florida residents.

Better Insulation

Living in Florida, we know that hurricanes can be devastating. The high winds can rip trees in half, uproot shallow roots, and damage buildings. In addition, flying debris can also cause serious injuries.

Hurricane doors are heavy-duty wind-load-rated doors, designed to defend buildings against environmental hazards, hurricanes, tropical storms, high-speed wind damage, pressure changes airborne debris, and more. Because hurricane doors are so challenging to break into, they can deter robbery and trespassing during severe weather.

Not only do hurricane doors keep you and your family safe from the elements, but they also help to reduce noise and improve energy efficiency. They can be a much more attractive and practical option than plywood for your home. They are available in various styles and sizes and can be installed on any residential home.

Insurance Discounts

Homeowners in Florida and other areas prone to hurricanes often find that upgrading their windows, doors, and garage doors with impact products can qualify for savings on their homeowner’s insurance premiums. Depending on the insurer and the upgrades made, this can be in the hundreds or thousands of dollars saved annually.

Many things can affect your homeowners’ insurance premium, and some, like the location of your home, you cannot change. However, other factors you can influence, such as your choice of doors and windows, could significantly affect how much you pay each year. Before upgrading your property, ask your provider about their wind mitigation discounts and requirements.

Better Appearance

Upgrading your doors to hurricane-proof ones adds a solid protective value to your home, but they also offer better aesthetics. Instead of like boarded-up windows, impact doors look more like regular ones and often feature decorative glass designs.

They also prevent heat transfer and keep your home at a more consistent temperature, saving you money on energy bills. You can choose various styles and colors for your impact doors depending on your needs.

Living in Naples, FL, comes with some drawbacks, including the fact that we experience an average of 40 storms and hurricanes yearly. If you live in a high-velocity hurricane zone, an impact door can help ensure your home stays safe during severe weather conditions. It can also deter burglars and reduce noise.

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