The United States is home to a whopping 635,780 employed web developers. Many of these pros work in a web development company, while others are self-employed.

Those figures indicate that it’s easy to find web dev firms to build your site. However, with those many options, you may find it challenging to determine which one to hire.

To help you make the right choice, we curated this guide with the help of on questions to ask potential developers. Read on to discover what they are and the ideal answers you should hear.

1. Are You Local?

If you’re a small business owner of a firm with a local clientele, then it’s best to hire a local web developer. That makes it easier for you to know where exactly to find them to verify their business’ legitimacy.

Another reason to go with a local web dev company is so that you can meet them in person. That allows you to discuss the details of your web development project face to face.

Most importantly, a local web developer is more likely to know your market than an outsider. Their being local also reduces the odds of time differences and potential delays.

2. What Types of Websites Do You Develop?

Depending on your industry, the site you create for it may have to meet legal requirements and laws.

Suppose your business collects and stores sensitive patient or health information. Then your site must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Another law that may impact your site is the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. It requires sites that collect information on kids under 13 to get consent from parents.

On top of that are the consumer protection laws that e-commerce websites must follow.

So, the best web developer for you is one specializing in sites specific to your industry.

For example, if you’re a doctor who wishes to set up a site for your practice, hire a developer who focuses on this field. If you want to sell goods online, go with a developer specializing in e-commerce site creation. That way, they can ensure your site satisfies legal requirements. 

3. What Other Services Do You Provide?

According to this company, reputable web developers also offer graphic design. Some even provide high-quality digital marketing services. You may also be able to combine all in one plan, which can cost less than if you were to hire a separate pro for each job.

So before hiring a web dev company, ask them what other relevant services they offer.

4. Can You Make My Site Responsive?

Mobile devices now generate 60% of website traffic. They’ve overtaken other devices because more people own and use them. Indeed, 92.1% of internet users use mobile phones, while only 71.2% use laptops or desktop computers.

That makes hiring a firm with a responsive web development process crucial. After all, a responsive site adjusts its appearance based on the device used to view it. Therefore, it makes viewing easier, whether the visitor is on a mobile phone or a desktop PC.

Hire Only the Best Web Development Company

  • Remember: 3 in 4 consumers check out a firm’s online presence before its physical store. So if your website isn’t up to par, you stand to lose a lot of potential clients.

That’s a good enough reason to hire only the best web development company. Start by asking your prospects questions like the ones above to help you ensure they’re the right fit.

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