Nudekay is among the top websites for making your own virtual avatar. Everyone may design a distinctive style for themselves using the many customization choices. And then use it as their social media profile display photo.

Although there are many other websites that offer the same service. And this one will let you create the cutest cartoon version of yourself with complete control over the features on your face.

In order to effectively utilize the website, read this post in its entirety before beginning to create one for yourself.

What is Nudekay? 

One of the most well-liked and feature-rich websites for making a cartoon version of oneself is called Nudekay. Everything can change, including your eyes and wardrobe. Your avatar can even have wings.

The character can be altered until you’re satisfied with how closely it resembles or represents you. The avatar you generated can be downloaded for free after you’re finished. But it does have a watermark that you can get rid of using one of the countless websites that offer this service.

How to access the website?

These are the steps to take because we know that after reading what this website has to offer, you’re eager to give it a try. These are the steps you must take in order to access this website:

  • Open your device’s preferred web browser. It functions on both desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Search for Nudekay in the search bar. The first result will be their official website after you click on search.
  • However, don’t worry if the Japanese text confuses you; when you reach the website. And Google will present you with the choice to translate it from Japanese to English.
  • The cartoon face will be available to you, and you may now choose to change it however you want.
  • When you’re done customizing, you can download the image in a png file for free.

Who is this website for? 

No matter their age, people enjoy watching cartoons, which is the major justification for the widespread use of cartoon filters on the internet. In fact, you’ll see a lot of people utilizing the Disney or anime character filter on Snapchat. This is due to the desire of everyone who enjoys watching cartoons to see what they would look like as a cartoon character.

Another situation is that people have an idea of who they are in their heads, which may or may not coincide with what other people think of them. Some people feel excellent creating every detail of their facial characteristics on their own since they are not happy with the way they seem. 

As seen in many computer games, many individuals find it entertaining to customize their face and use it as their profile images. As you can see, there are many uses for such a website, and Nudekay is among the finest at offering them.

How to create your avatar?

Here are the steps to take because, as we already explained, making an avatar of yourself on this website is really simple and incredibly customizable.

  1. The website will open with a random avatar that you may start customizing by navigating from left to right.
  1. It is encouraged, but not required, to translate the page from Japanese to English if you don’t speak Japanese in order to make it easier.
  1. As you choose some of the cosmetics, you might have to scroll down because the customizing possibilities are extensive.
  1. You can apply as many cosmetics as you want; there is no cap on the number. There are so many alternatives that everyone will appear different.
  1. From your background to the item in your hand, you can modify everything. when the avatar has finally won your approval. You can download the image, but it does have a watermark that you must manually remove.

Should you use such a site? 

You can now determine whether or not this website is right for you once we have discussed everything it does in this post. Some people dislike cartoons and believe that they are only for children. While many other people choose to maintain their favorite anime or cartoon protagonist as their display photo. Therefore, you must pick which category best describes you.


We have therefore covered every aspect of Nudekay in this article, from how to use it to how to make your own avatar. Therefore, this website can be the ideal choice for you. If you’re seeking a personalized avatar that you produced on your own. It is better than obtaining some random photographs from the Internet.