Nano Machine 129 is a popular Korean web novel and manhwa series. The story follows the adventures of Chun Yeowun. He is the crown prince of the Martial Kingdom who was betrayed by his own family and also he was left for dead. As this is the review of chapter 129 you must be aware of the main characters of the manhwa by now. However, as a reminder let me briefly tell you about the plot. 

The main protagonist survives with the help of a mysterious nanomachine. This also grants him incredible abilities and knowledge. He promises that he’ll exact justice on his enemies and also restore his honor. The plot is very interesting as you can guess by reading the previous lines.

In chapter 129 of the manhwa adaptation, we witness the intense battle between Chun Yeowun, also known as the Heavenly Demon, and Lord Yo Jong, one of the six lords of the Martial Kingdom who conspired against him. So what else is included in the chapter? That’s why I am going to discuss this in this spoiler-free review. 

Overview of the Characters and Plot

Lord Yo Jong is a master of swordsmanship and uses a technique called Blood Reversal in Nano machine 129. This helps him to increase his power and speed but at the cost of his lifespan. But fan favorite has to be when he unleashes his ultimate move, the Eight Sword Formation. This creates eight flying swords that surround and attack Chun Yeowun from all directions. It looks really amazing even though it comes at a cost. 

However, Chun Yeowun is not intimidated by this attack. He examines the swords’ timing and direction with his nanomachine. He can also dodge them with ease. He then uses his own sword technique, the Heavenly Demon Sword Art, to destroy four of the swords with one slash. He closes in on Lord Yo Jong and prepares to deliver the final blow. But if you are a fan of the series and have made it to chapter 129 then you must know these details.

The Outcome of the Battle (Spoiler Free)

The outcome of the battle between Chun Yeowun and Lord Yo Jong is not yet revealed in Nano Machine 129. The battle is still ongoing in this chapter. The story comes to an abrupt conclusion when Chun Yeowun leaps for Lord Yo Jong’s throat with his blade. Will he be able to kill him and avenge his father’s death? Or will Lord Yo Jong have a hidden trick up his sleeve? These are the most common questions among fans. Many find it frustrating however true fans cannot wait to read the next chapter.

The Reaction of the Fans

The reaction of the fans to Nano Machine 129 was mostly positive and exciting. Most fans praised the art style and the action scenes of the manhwa. Fans are especially satisfied by Chun Yeowun’s growth as a person and his skill as a martial artist. Some fans like me have started making predictions about what will occur next in the storyline. And most importantly what role will other characters play in it?

My Review of Nano Machine 129

I love Nano Machine so much! It is one of my favorite manhwa series ever. The story is amazing and the characters are so well-written. Chun Yeowun is my hero. He is so smart and strong. He has a nano machine that helps him learn everything and gives him amazing powers. 

Chapter 129 was awesome! It was the climax of the fight between Chun Yeowun and Lord Yo Jong. Lord Yo Jong is a bad guy who betrayed Chun Yeowun’s father and tried to kill him. He is very good at sword fighting and he has a special technique that makes him faster and stronger, but it also hurts him a lot. He used his eight-sword formation to attack Chun Yeowun from all sides, but Chun Yeowun dodged them all. He used his heavenly demon sword art to break four of the swords with one slash. He was so cool!

The chapter came to an abrupt end. Chun Yeowun was about to cut Lord Yo Jong’s head off, but we don’t know if he did it or not. I can’t wait for the next chapter to see what happens. I hope Chun Yeowun wins and gets his revenge. 

I recommend Nano Machine 129 to everyone who likes action, adventure, science fiction, and revenge. It is a great manhwa that will keep you hooked until the end. 

The Release Date of Chapter 130

The release date of Chapter 130 was on November 10, 2022. The manhwa is updated every Wednesday on various online platforms such as Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Nano Machine’s official website. You can read the latest chapters for free or subscribe for premium access to support the creators.


Nano Machine 129 is a thrilling chapter that showcases the clash of powers between Chun Yeowun and Lord Yo Jong. It also provides us with a thrilling conclusion that makes us eager for the next installment. In Nano Machine, a compelling series, martial arts, science fiction, and retribution are all skillfully mixed. If you are looking for a manhwa that will keep you on the edge of your seat, I will definitely recommend you check out Nano Machine.

What is Nano Machine about?

Nano Machine 129 is a Korean web novel and manhwa series that follows Chun Yeowun. He is a betrayed crown prince who survives with the help of a nanomachine. This also grants him incredible abilities and knowledge.

Who is Lord Yo Jong?

Lord Yo Jong is one of the six lords of the Martial Kingdom who conspired against Chun Yeowun and his father. He is an expert swordsman as well, and he uses a method called Blood Reversal to shorten his life while extending his strength and speed. Some fans admire this persona, while others despise him.

What is Blood Reversal?

Blood Reversal is a technique that improves physical performance by turning around the blood flow in the body. But it also reduces lifespan and has serious side effects like bleeding, discomfort, and exhaustion.

What is Heavenly Demon Sword Art?

Heavenly Demon Sword Art is a sword technique that Chun Yeowun, the main character learned from his nanomachine. It centers on the yin and yang theory and gives him a variety of techniques to control the energy of his blade.

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