My Husband Hides His Beauty is a tale of Erden, the ruler of Halstead Castle, who hides his frightening face behind a mask. His wife Leticia, who is blind to his true identity, is told in a well-known manga series. The manga is based on Moon Si-hyun’s web novel of the same name.

My Husband Hides His Beauty – chapter 81 depicts the fallout from Erden’s run-in with his brother Eren, who attempted to murder him and seize control of the castle. Though he is critically hurt and rendered unconscious, Erden survives the onslaught. Staying by his side and hoping for a speedy recovery, Leticia is so worried about him. She also learns the truth about his face and his past from his loyal servant, Hans.

The Reveal of Erden’s Face

My Husband Hides His Beauty most eagerly awaited scene is the uncovering of Erden’s face, which has been hiding behind a mask from the start. When Leticia eventually gets to see his face in chapter 81, she is surprised by what she finds. Because of years of torture and abuse at the hands of his father and sibling, Erden’s face is covered in burns, scars, and stitches. In addition, he bears the scars of his demonic bloodline—a broken horn and a missing eye.

Leticia recognizes that despite his looks, he is still the person she loves, and she soon gets over her initial fear. She promises to look out for him and make sure he is happy because she feels bad for him. She finds him to be attractive in his unique manner and admires his bravery and fortitude.

The Flashback of My Husband Hides His Beauty

A noteworthy aspect of My Husband Hides His Beauty – chapter 81 is the flashback into Erden’s background. It clarifies his ascent to the position of lord of Halstead Castle and the reason behind his mask-wearing. We find out that Erden is the illegitimate son of the despicable and oppressive former lord. He hated Erden for being a half-demon and treated him like a slave. He also forced him to marry Leticia, who was a poor and orphaned girl, as a way of humiliating him.

Before he decided to rebel and kill his father, Erden spent years suffering under the abuse. And so he became the new lord, assuming control of the castle. To conceal his face from his spouse as well as from his adversaries, he also began donning a mask. To avoid frightening her away with his ugly appearance, he wished to spare her. His brother was planning to assassinate him and replace him, so he also wanted to shield her from him.

The Cliffhanger of My Husband Hides His Beauty – chapter 81

The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, as Erden’s condition worsens and he falls into a coma. Leticia is desperate to save him, and she asks Hans for help. Hans tells her that there is a way to heal him, but it is very risky and dangerous. He says that she has to use her blood, which has a special power, to awaken his dormant demon power. However, this could also cause him to lose his sanity and become a monster.

Leticia is willing to take the risk, and she agrees to do it. She cuts her wrist and drips her blood on his lips, hoping to revive him. The chapter ends with a suspenseful scene, as Erden’s body starts to glow and his eyes open.

The Preview of Chapter 82

The manga My Husband Hides His Beauty will be out in its new chapter shortly, and fans can’t wait to know what will happen to Erden and Leticia. Erden is in a berserk state as the chapter 82 teaser indicates that his demon power has awakened. He attacks anyone who comes near him, including his servants and soldiers. He also seems to have forgotten who Leticia is, and he tries to kill her as well.

Leticia is terrified and confused, but she does not give up on him. She tries to calm him down and remind him of their love. She also uses her blood to heal his wounds and suppress his demon power. However, this comes at a cost, as she starts to feel weak and dizzy. Will Leticia be able to save Erden from his madness? Will Erden remember who she is and apologize for hurting her? Can they make it through this catastrophe and lead a happily ever after? In the manga My Husband Hides His Beauty, chapter 82 will address a few of these queries.


In My Husband Hides His Beauty – chapter 81, the main characters’ various secrets and puzzles are revealed excitingly and poignantly. It also establishes the framework for the upcoming arc, which will examine Erden’s demonic strength and his bond with Leticia. The manga blends comedy, drama, and fantasy into a romantic and engrossing narrative. Fans of the supernatural and historical fiction genres should read it.


1. Where can I read the manga?

You can read the manga online on various websites, such as MangaGeko, Mangakakalot, and Manganelo.

2. How many chapters are there in the manga?

The manga is currently being updated and has 81 chapters as of February 2024.

3. Who is the author and the artist of the My Husband Hides His Beauty manga?

The author of the manga is Moon Si-hyun, who also wrote the original web novel. The artist of the manga is Lee Soo-Hyun, who also illustrated other works such as “The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass” and “The Duchess with an Empty Soul”.

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