If you are planning to buy a new bike or scooter, you must get insurance done for your new two-wheeler. Having insurance is like providing a protective guard to you and your two-wheeler. An insurance policy is the coverage provided to your vehicle if it meets any fatal accident or if you experience a mishappening or bike theft. 

Now comes the part when you need to select your type of insurance policy. There are two major types of two wheeler insurance policies provided in India. First is Third Party Liability insurance and the second one is Comprehensive Insurance. Third-party Liability insurance is mandatory as per the law. 

If you do not have any insurance for your vehicle, you may face a penalty. But just wanting to buy insurance is not enough, you need to have proper research beforehand as there are fraudsters present everywhere. Once you fall into their scam, you will surely lose a huge amount. To avoid such problems all you need to do is be careful while applying for insurance. 

Listed below are six major mistakes you should avoid while buying a two-wheeler insurance policy:

Make proper research:

There are many types of insurance policies available in the market which you need to be aware of. Before buying any insurance, do make some proper research, or else you will end up buying any of the expensive policies. To avoid such regrets later, get into the market, search out for the insurance which suits your budget, compare them according to their benefits and then finalize the insurance you want to buy.

Avoid documentation mistakes:

If you want to claim your coverage by any chance, make sure you put all the valid documents to your insurance company. Every detail is required and every detail needs to be correct. You need to fill up your name, number, registration certificate number of your two-wheeler, your nominees, and the last insurance policy that you have applied for. Everything should be submitted correctly as if any mistake occurs you may end up losing your insurance money. The insurance provider may think that you are making fraud therefore he can put legal charges against you.

Make utilization of NCB:

NCB or often called a No Claim Bonus is a discount or reward provided to you when you do not claim your policy 0 policy or renew the same one, a discount offer is provided to you in the form of NCB.

Renew your policy immediately:

Always keep a check on your insurance tenure. If you fail to do so and your policy expires, you are surely in a trouble. Do not let your policy expire as this means you are committing a mistake as per the law. Also, if your insurance is expired more than 90 days then you won’t be benefited from the NCB. 

Overlook the IDV:

It’s a common mistake many policyholders often do. Always choose the right IDV or Insured Declared Value, this will provide you with the accurate amount in case your two-wheeler is damaged or faced any theft.

Compare and choose:

It’s a common nature of humans to always choose what is cost-effective. Buying a low-cost insurance policy may be right but always look for the amount of coverage you will claim when you are in need.


To conclude, always go through proper research about the policies while buying one. Take help from any person who has accurate knowledge about it. Avoiding such mistakes will make it easier for you to claim your insurance money.

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