Kids these days will never know how good early 00’s music was. Remember when Green Day, Blink-182, Sum 41, and Good Charlotte ruled the charts? And it’s not just the music, the fashion was dominating as well. Who can forget the punk look of Avril Lavigne? The Teen TV shows copied the fashion because it was that trendy. They say what goes around comes around. And these days, people are going back to the punk era, recreating the edgy look. Continue reading to learn more about punk aesthetics and how you can easily achieve it.

The Clothing

Punk is all about showing who you are from inside. So, what you wear has to be reflective of your style, your passion, and your inspiration. You could wear a punk or rock band T-shirt which shows you love punk music and pair your T-shirt with a nice leather jacket. When it comes to punk clothing, the gender lines are blurred, and you can mix and match your outfits in any way you see fit.

Ripped Jeans are a must to complete your look. There are different types of ripped jeans available in the market. If you don’t want to buy a pair of ripped jeans, you can always take a pair of old jeans and scissors and DIY the hell out of those jeans. Be sure to watch a few YouTube videos before you start shredding your old pants, or else you won’t be able to wear your jeans anymore.

You may also wear a fishnet stocking with a pair of Torn tights. Girls who want to show off their legs may opt for this option.


A punk look without accessories is incomplete. How can you even expect people to comprehend that you are doing punk if you are not accessorizing your outfit? Teens shop personalized stackable rings that can cost you somewhere from 20 to 250 dollars, depending on the quality and their style. However, price does not matter when it comes to punk aesthetics. Apart from rings, you may also purchase spiked jewelry such as spiked bracelets, necklaces, and cuffs that can add a punky edge to your outfit. Thick black chokers or ones with metal details are a great accessory for ones who want to style in punking aesthetics. Studded belts, wristbands, and collars are classic punking choices. You might also consider decorating your clothing with patches and pins of your favorite bands and slogans. To complete your outfit, add a big statement belt.

Hair & Makeup

HairPunk is not goth, but there are similarities to both makeup styles. You need dark eyeliners and dark lipstick to complete the look. Punk goes with a pale complexion, but people of color too rock the punk look. Teens go for asymmetrical looks and edgy cuts when it comes to punk hairstyles. You may look for inspiration online and show the picture to your hairstylist to get that rock-punk look. You can check Pinterest to get ideas because tons of ideas are present there.

The Attitude

Punk is all about attitude. Even if you are on point with the makeup and hair but you don’t have the attitude to back it up, it won’t work. Punk is an anti-establishment, rebellious attitude. So, let the inner rebel come out and shine.

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