Do you know that we have a unique coming up festival? We will reveal the secrets of this festival through the Hotel Transylvania and October coloring pages. Please quickly choose and download these coloring pages to discover the exciting festival with us through fun colors. Parents, please encourage and suggest quality coloring subjects for children to help them develop better brains.

Hotel Transylvania coloring pages: Do these horror cartoon coloring pages scare your children?

As the opening film for Halloween, Hotel Transylvania was not made to strike at the fear and curiosity of the audience. Still, on the contrary, the cartoon “carries” laughter and close and exciting emotional experiences to the audience.

The film’s content revolves around the story: In a faraway place humans have never been to, there is a bizarre hotel for equally mysterious characters; that’s where monsters and demons live there. The owner of this place is the Vampire Dracula, who built the Mystic Hotel to separate from the human world and also a place to nurture and protect his baby daughter Mavis.

On the weekend, Dracula held a 118th birthday party for Mavis with a lot of guests who were famous youkai, when suddenly an uninvited guest came, it was a human. A guy named Jonathan got lost in this hotel and showed no fear of anyone. The life of father and son Dracula is completely turned upside down.

If you love this horror cartoon, the game of the same name will partly help you satisfy your passion. In terms of content, it will be similar to the movie, with the main character being a vampire bat capable of transforming into a human form. His name is Drac; he is 539 years old and has a daughter named Mavis and many other exciting characters. And these characters will contribute to constructing a very mysterious and magical hotel.

Although the plot revolves around the ‘forces of darkness, with ‘horror’ characters such as vampire bats, mummies, werewolves, or Frankenstein, if anyone has ever followed Hotel Transylvania, they all know the stories. The characters in the movie are all adorable with cartoonish shapes, not creepy or scary.

The game uses vivid and detailed 3D images; although this is not a blockbuster game with perfect images, Hotel Transylvania still brings quite a whole emotion to the player. At the same time, the sound system in the game is also quite suitable because of the pleasant music and sometimes the climax or the fast tempo. This combination brings a dark atmosphere, mixed with dark colors to create a mysterious and attractive.

If you are a fan of the construction game genre, city management in general, and a fan of the movie Mysterious Hotel, then Hotel Transylvania is a game not to be missed.

It’s exciting because Halloween is coming. Kids will love horror games, movies, and coloring pages. These subjects will match the atmosphere of the festive season. Children can watch cartoons, play horror games, and color Hotel Transylvania coloring pages. These coloring pages will make kids more excited and excited as they prepare for the start of the festive season.

We present printable Hotel Transylvania coloring sheets suitable for the time and atmosphere of October. These coloring pages support and help children practice skillful and careful coloring skills and stimulate intellectual and physical development. Children will have to use crayons to combine and color the Hotel Transylvania coloring pictures. This activity requires the children to recognize and match appropriate and harmonious colors. Parents can let children freely explore coloring pages and colors. Parents can also support and guide children in coloring.

The colors will be the factors that stimulate the children’s brains to develop and function better. Coloring is a fun and educational method for children. Children can use Hotel Transylvania coloring pages to decorate their house, room, and classroom for the upcoming Halloween. These coloring pictures are very suitable for the horror subject.

October coloring pages are coloring subjects children should not miss during the festive season

October coloring pages are coloring pages to welcome a new month of luck and peace. We are preparing for the upcoming holidays in October. Halloween is a significant holiday in the world. People pay tribute to those who have passed away on this day, showing people’s longing for them. Halloween is also a holiday for people to temporarily ignore the fatigue of life to sit close together and enjoy delicious food.

Halloween features horror images such as bats, ghosts, witches, pumpkins, spiders, etc. Today, people will decorate their houses with dark and scary colors. Children love dressing up as witches, ghosts, goblins, etc.

October coloring pages include horror pictures to celebrate the new month of the holiday. We have pictures decorating the word “Hello October” in horror style. Does your child find these pictures exciting and curious?

October is already half over, and the festival will come with a few days left. Please use October coloring sheets to create unique pictures and give them to friends and parents on the occasion of the festival.

October is a particular month because Halloween is a famous and popular festival worldwide. That is the right time for us to color the October coloring pictures. Those are simple, quality, and free paintings. Parents can search, download and print at our website. We have articles that teach and provide coloring knowledge for children and adults. We also show the attractive benefits that coloring activities bring to children.

Parents should choose coloring pages suitable for children’s ages, personalities, interests, and times. For example, when children are young, they will love cute animals, girls will love princesses, and boys will love superheroes. When there are many festivals, parents can let their children color the carnival coloring pages.

October coloring pages are not horror coloring pages; they become lovely or scary depending on the creativity and colors that the child chooses.


Hotel Transylvania and October coloring pages are the perfect coloring pages for the festive season. So, parents, please give these coloring pages to your children, so the child feels more interested and excited. So, we look forward to seeing your children’s creative and unique paintings. Free coloring pages are always updated at We hope your child will feel happy and excited while learning and playing with our coloring pages.

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