When trying to find a special and meaningful gift, it can be hard to stay within your budget. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive options that will still give the recipient an unforgettable experience. In this article, we’ll explore ten great gifts for under $50 (including shipping) that won’t break the bank but will make them feel extra loved and appreciated.

A potted plant

When it comes to meaningful, yet easy-to-care-for gifts – why not give the gift of green? From budget-friendly options like mini succulents and ivy plants to more luxurious presents like orchids and cacti – there’s something special out there that can suit anybody’s tastes. Make someone smile today with a beautiful potted plant.

If you don’t have much cash on hand but still want to give them something meaningful, consider picking up some moss rocks (which look like rocks but are actually made of moss) from Home Depot or Lowes; then add them into some pots with dirt already inside them as well as some small fake flowers from Michaels or Hobby Lobby; voila. You’ve got yourself an adorable little succulent garden that won’t break the bank.

Greeting cards

Greeting cards are a simple and sweet way to make your loved one’s day. You don’t have to be an artist or craft genius – there’s something for everyone, whether you prefer pre-made designs online or off the rack at any store. Plus, with a huge greeting card collection from Greetings From Hell, you can find the perfect card for your friends or family. You can choose from embarrassing to hilarious cards that will give everyone a moment of laughter. It won’t take long before you find that perfect card just right for anyone on your list.

A book of poetry

Got a poetry fan in your life and don’t know how to show them you care? Look no further than the perfect present – a book of poems. Whether they want something funny, romantic, or sad there’s a boundless variety out there ready for ’em. And if sci-fi or fantasy are their thing then search high and low; we guarantee it won’t take very long until you find just what suits them best.

Custom printed t-shirt

Treat your special someone to a one-of-a-kind gift that’s both memorable and affordable. With custom-printed t-shirts from Proper Printed, you can choose the style, and color and have an image or message personalized. It’ll be sure to make them feel extra loved with thoughtful details they won’t find anywhere else – all while being easy on your wallet too.

A photo frame or photo album

Give the gift of memories. Pick up an empty photo frame or album at your local craft store and fill it with pictures that capture special moments. It’s a thoughtful, budget-friendly way to show you care. If they’d like something more hands-on, consider making them an album yourself. You can buy blank pages online and print out photos on them, or make your own book using scrapbooking materials like stickers or paperclips (or both).

If you want to buy something more traditional, check out our guide on how much money should I spend on birthday gifts.

Wine and snacks

If you’re on the hunt for a unique, memorable gift that won’t break your budget – consider pairing wine with yummy snacks. It’s an unbeatable combination because it tells the recipient how much you care without sacrificing practicality. Everyone loves sipping their favorite tipple and snacking at home, or even better while on a winery tour in the country!

There are many ways to choose the right wine and snacks for your loved one’s tastes–you just need to do some research beforehand. If they’re into reds or whites, then consider buying them a bottle based on those preferences rather than choosing an expensive brand just because it looks fancy (unless they specifically ask). Similarly, if they prefer spicy foods over sweet ones or vice versa then make sure your snack assortment matches up accordingly–you don’t want someone getting burned out by spicy chips when all they wanted after work was something sweet and simple. Finally, don’t forget about glasses; whether it’s plastic cups from Costco or crystal stemware from Williams Sonoma doesn’t matter as long as everyone has access when needed.

Art supplies and a canvas to paint on

Art is a fantastic way to express your creativity and there’s no better gift than art supplies. Whether you’re looking for an affordable item like pencils or paint brushes, something more expensive such as canvases, or even the whole shebang with a full set of paints – anyone would be thrilled by this thoughtful present. And best of all? You can find it online, at your local shop, or even in their own personal art supply store…all without breaking the bank.

Candles, scented oils, and diffusers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift that’s both thoughtful and practical, then candles or scented oils are definitely worth considering. Not only will they bring a delightful scent to any room in your home but our guide can help you pick out exactly which type of fragrance fits best. And if open flames aren’t really an option for your giftee, you can try some aromatic diffusers or even apply them directly onto surfaces as another great way to spread sweet-smelling goodness throughout their space.

Makeup brush set or gift card for makeup lessons

Show the special woman in your life how much you care with a makeup brush set. Not only will it allow her to learn more about applying cosmetics, but synthetic bristles ensure that they are gentle on sensitive skin. Give this thoughtful gift and show them just how important she is – no animal cruelty involved here.

Look for sets that come with multiple sizes of each brush, so there’s something for every occasion and application method.

Don’t forget about extras like sponges and tools like tweezers. These will come in handy later when applying false lashes or shaping eyebrows with precision detail work required by an expert hand–like yours.

It doesn’t cost a lot to be thoughtful

You don’t have to spend a fortune on gifts, but it’s important that you give gifts that are meaningful and special for the recipient. Some people think that only expensive presents can be considered meaningful, but this isn’t true.

You can find inexpensive gifts in thrift stores and secondhand shops, or make them yourself (for example by making your own wrapping paper). If you have little ones at home who want to give their parents something special too–or if they simply want something they made themselves-then consider making them homemade cards or drawings instead of buying expensive presents from the store.

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