Unintentional deaths are saddening, but they’re a part of the circle of life living in the United States. An estimated 251,000 people are killed annually by accidental injuries. The best way to get compensated for your pain, suffering, and loss is by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Hiring a wrongful death lawyer is an excellent way to gather evidence and build a case. It’s the first step toward getting the settlement you deserve after losing your family member or loved one. It’s also challenging to disregard what you should receive from the wrongful death lawsuit payout.

The good news is that you’ve discovered this guide to learn about the factors affecting the payout you’ll receive. Continue reading to take the proper steps to get the payout you deserve today!


Liability is a significant factor that affects what you’ll receive in the settlement for your wrongful death lawsuit. The burden of proof falls on the plaintiff to provide evidence that the defendant was the cause of the wrongful death.

Gathering the necessary evidence and demonstrating that the defendant is liable is a fantastic way to increase your settlement. You’ll get more from the defendant to help you overcome your grief and find peace. It’s the best way to determine who pays in a wrongful death lawsuit.


The damages you’ll receive refer to the losses your family has suffered after your loved one passed away due to an accident. The losses can range from medical bills and funeral costs to compensation for pain and suffering.

The more damages relating to the case, the higher your compensation will be. The court will use the damages to determine a fair settlement to your lawsuit.

Cases with higher damages are more likely to result in higher settlements. Work with your attorney to determine your damages when filing a wrongful death lawsuit in Phoenix.

Comparative Fault

It’s also possible the plaintiff in the lawsuit bears some responsibility for the wrongful death. Some states have laws that reduce the settlement based on the percentage of fault involved.

If the court deems that you were 20 percent at fault for the death, the settlement will be decreased by 20 percent by the judge. Ensure you use a wrongful death settlement calculator to determine what you’ll receive after accounting for your fault.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is crucial in determining a fair amount for the settlement after losing a loved one. The settlement value could become limited based on the coverage limits of the defendant’s insurance policy and provider.

If the damages the court determines are higher than the insurance coverage’s payout, you must look for other sources to get the settlement you deserve after your loss. Your wrongful death attorney can guide you in the best direction to help you get the assistance and funds you deserve.

The Jury

The jury for your lawsuit affects what you receive from the settlement after losing a loved one in an accident. An attorney who delivers a persuasive argument can convince the jury to award more money to the plaintiff during the wrongful death lawsuit.

The most significant factors that change the jury’s mind are the emotional impact of the case, the quality of witnesses, and the sympathies of the jury members. An experienced attorney will know how to work the court system and persuade the jury to see how you’ve been affected by the untimely death of your spouse or family member.

Tips for Winning a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Winning your lawsuit is possible, but there are things you can do to increase the odds of getting the settlement you deserve. Taking these steps is vital if you plan on conducting a successful lawsuit. Hiring an experienced attorney is a fantastic way to get guidance on things you can do to improve your case.

Here’s a deeper dive into the tips you should use to increase your wrongful death payout.

1. Collect Evidence of Negligence

Negligence is one of the most significant factors that result in an injury or wrongful death. There’s often evidence to prove negligence in instances where wrongful deaths occur.

Safety issues that were never addressed and human error are the two most common instances of negligence that lead to wrongful deaths. Work with your attorney to gather the evidence to build a strong case. If you can improve your proof, the chances of winning a wrongful death lawsuit increase exponentially.

2. Establish the Existence of Damages

Tracking the damages after losing someone you love is a painstaking process, but it’s one of the best ways to improve the wrongful death payout. Keep track of the losses you and your family members suffered due to the unlikely death of your spouse or loved one.

Income lost due to the death, survivor’s guilt and pain, and the loss of affection and friendship are all legitimate proof of damages. Collect evidence to demonstrate each of these losses to the judge and jury. You’re more likely to receive a higher settlement.

3. Hire an Attorney

Hiring an attorney is the most critical step when filing a wrongful death lawsuit. The procedures and paperwork are much easier for anyone to handle. Attempting to navigate the process while grieving for your loved one is a critical mistake you must avoid.

The knowledge and expertise of your wrongful death attorney could turn the tides in your case. They’ll streamline the process, manage the paperwork, and handle all negotiations for your wrongful death payout. It’s worth the price you’ll pay to hire an attorney for your lawsuit.

Get a Top Wrongful Death Lawsuit Payout Today

Receiving a wrongful death lawsuit payout is a vital step toward rebuilding your life after losing a family member, loved one, or spouse. Consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit if you believe the defendant was negligent or acted with intent. Hire a wrongful death attorney for advice, negotiations, and expertise.

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