The world of proxies opens doors to hundreds of opportunities and makes it convenient for you to explore the rest of the world while sitting in front of your screen. Whether you want content for your business or entertainment, an efficient proxy can help you find your desired information with just a few clicks. 

Besides, you can achieve your search goals at a cost-effective price with a datacenter shared proxy

This discourse helps you learn more about datacenter proxies and the four best options available for your use.

What Are Datacenter Proxies?

There are two primary types of proxies, residential and datacenter. The main difference between the two is their IP addresses.

Residential proxies provide real IP addresses to their clients. However, a datacenter proxy sources IP addresses from a cloud server or an IP pool. 

A datacenter proxy works as an intermediary between a user and a web server. It works without an Internet Service Provider and is considered one of the most cost-effective proxies. 

In addition, datacenter proxies are fast. They overcome geo-location barriers and increase access to different web pages without compromising on the speed of the internet. 

A datacenter proxy has two main types, shared and dedicated proxy. 

Shared Datacenter Proxy

As the name suggests, a shared proxy is used by multiple people at one time. If you run an organization with many employees, this proxy might be a great option to keep everyone on one page. Besides, it helps to measure the performance of every employee and monitor their activity. 

While a shared datacenter proxy performs fast, it isn’t good at maintaining privacy. Since many people use the proxy together, they fail to hide their activities from other users. 

Dedicated Proxy

A dedicated proxy overcomes the challenges faced by using a shared one. Although it is expensive, it is dedicated to one user only. This allows it to maintain the privacy of the client at all times.  

Many companies opt for shared proxies and usually buy them in bulk. Dedicated proxies are commonly bought by individuals only. 

However, regardless of the type of proxy you get, you shouldn’t compromise on the reputation and services of the provider. 

Below we have listed the top four datacenter proxy providers that may help you find an appropriate proxy within your budget. 

Review of the Best Shared Datacenter Proxies

Here is what we have to say. 


Oxylabs is one of the top proxy networks, ideal for your business needs. It is home to excellent shared datacenter proxies, offering access to 29,000 IP pools. 

Moreover, regardless of their affordable prices, these proxies are available with excellent features like automatic rotations and many concurrent sessions.

One of the best qualities of Oxylabs is that it provides incredible support and quick checkout. You can use the proxy bought for review monitoring, market research, and price monitoring.

There are many price plans available with distinct characteristics. Choose one that meets all your needs. 


Our second best option is Smartproxy. This is an excellent proxy provider that sells datacenter proxies at an affordable price. 

They offer IP addresses that you can use for  30 minutes without disruption. Smartproxy is known to offer fast services and features an excellent support system.

Smartproxy is available in 195 countries and has a pool of over 40 million IP addresses. 

What’s more, the platform has an intuitive interface and user-friendly features to access your suitable proxies without a glitch. 

Squid Proxies

This is another wonderful proxy provider for shared datacenter proxies. Squid proxies feature many amazing plans and let users pick their favorite. 

The company has many servers from where it looks after its clients and meets their needs. The platform only provides non-sequential IPs, and you can also request free proxies once every month. 

You can request a refund if you are not satisfied. The platform returns money within three days. 


Shifter has taken the fourth spot on this list. This proxy provider is perfect for people looking for wide coverage and fast and reliable service. 

This company is known to offer high-performing proxies available for various pricing plans. 

The anonymous proxies supplied support for HTTPS and HTTP connections. The setup is straightforward and fast, with little or no configuration required.

Also, Shifter provides one free proxy to its loyal customers once every month. It also has an excellent customer support department and gives you your money back on a request made. 


A datacenter shared proxy can change how you access information online. Therefore, get one to expand your business and find new markets for your products or services. 

Luckily, a shared datacenter proxy is quite inexpensive and easily accessible. Plus, the best proxy providers share excellent pricing plans per your budget. 

Pick your favorite proxy providers of 2023, and benefit from a shared proxy in many ways.

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