With the oncoming autumn weather comes the inevitable flood of autumn weddings. Can you blame people for wanting to get married in front of the fiery orange and yellow foliage? The only problem is that now you have to find a comfortable and reliable backless bra that can last you all season. Here’s a breakdown of the best backless bras for fall wedding season.

Seamless Backless Bra

The last thing you want in your bra is for the seams to show during and after a stint as a bridesmaid, which is why you need a seamless backless bra. Seamless bra technology makes it easy to put on a bra and forget about it for the rest of the day. They’re comfortable, sleek, and stylish. 

The best thing about a seamless backless bra is that you can wear it under any garment. It doesn’t matter if your best friend picked the most clingy fabric imaginable for your bridesmaid dress, your seamless backless bra is never going to draw attention.

Strapless Backless Bra

When you’re going shopping for three or four wedding season outfits, you can’t go wrong when choosing a backless strapless bra. The painful truth about attending weddings is that you generally cannot rely on your favorite t-shirt bra to work with your ceremony and reception attire.

When you have multiple events to attend and different outfits to change in and out of, you’ll be more comfortable with a strapless and backless bra. Strapless backless bras offer support and style for every formal event.

Adhesive Backless Bra

If you’ve never worn an adhesive backless bra to a wedding, you’re in for a treat. Don’t get caught up in the idea of painful sticky tape attached to your skin. Today’s adhesive backless bras use skin-safe technology in the form of sticky cups that are easy to put in place and remove. Plus, unlike tape, adhesive cups stay in place all day, meaning that you can spend less time focused on how your breasts feel in your bra and more time taking in the magic and romance of your friend or family member’s wedding.

Washable Backless Bra

If you’ve got multiple weddings to attend during the fall, you’ll want to pick up a washable backless bra. You shouldn’t have to cycle through four or five backless bras during the autumn wedding season. Choosing a backless bra that is washable and made of high-quality materials can help you save money and ease your mind about how many clothing items you have to acquire in a given season.

Sweatproof Backless Bra

Perhaps the most important aspect of any backless bra is whether or not it is sweatproof. Even in the fall, the sun can beat down during the day. Not to mention that wedding and reception venues can feel hot when crowds of people gather together. To ensure that you can dance all night without worrying about your bra, pick up a sweat-proof backless bra. You don’t have to choose between all of these things when it comes to the best backless bra. Read ThirdLove bra reviews and pick up your new favorite backless bra today.

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