In West Michigan, homeowners seek ways to maximize their home’s value as the housing market heats up. Even though Michigan’s remodeling market size is $3.8 billion (IBISWorld), knowing which improvements make a difference is important. The answer is simpler than one might think: targeted home improvements. These aren’t just about aesthetic appeal. They’re strategic decisions that can increase the value of a property.

It is crucial to understand what additions can make a property stand out and potentially increase its selling price. Ready to dive into the top upgrades that can boost your home’s value? 

Let’s get started.

Modernize Your Bathroom Space 

The bathroom, often considered a sanctuary of relief, plays an important role in determining your home’s overall value and appeal. Over the years, bathroom designs have evolved; they are about more than just utility. 

Here’s why a modern bathroom can significantly elevate your home’s valuation:

  • Updated Fixtures: Gone are the days of rusty taps and discolored tiles. Sleek, contemporary fixtures can instantly breathe life into your bathroom space, making it look luxurious and inviting.
  • Functionality: Modern bathrooms have features designed to keep user convenience in mind. Think smart mirrors, sensor-based faucets, and even intelligent toilets that enhance the user experience.

The magic of a bathroom’s appeal lies in the details. For instance, replacing an old, worn-out shower can bring about a transformation you didn’t think possible. An elegant shower space uplifts the aesthetic and offers a refreshing experience.

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After all, the joy of a refreshing shower in a newly modeled space is an unparalleled experience that future homeowners will likely appreciate.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space 

West Michigan homeowners have seen a shift towards optimizing their outdoor areas for relaxation and utility. With homes becoming multifunctional spaces, here’s why upgrading your outdoor space could be the next best step:

  • Firepits: A central gathering spot, firepits provide warmth and are a focal point of outdoor socializing.
  • Outdoor Lighting: Strategically placing lights can transform outdoor space at night, making it safer and more appealing.
  • Seating Areas: Comfortable seating can change the dynamic of any space, inviting relaxation and conversation.
  • Pergolas: These structures offer shade during hot days, adding an architectural element to your yard.
  • Water Features: A small fountain or pond brings serenity and a touch of nature close to home.
  • Landscaping: Well-chosen plants and trees can enhance curb appeal and make the outdoor space cozy.
  • Decks and Patios: Extend your living area outdoors with a deck or patio for barbecues, gatherings, or relaxation.

Expanding and enhancing your outdoor space adds to its aesthetic appeal and increases the usability of every square foot of your property.

Energy-Efficient LED Lighting 

Energy efficiency is more than a trend in West Michigan; it’s necessary as energy prices have steadily increased – up to 11%, as reported by Energy Sage. The shift towards sustainable living and the drive to reduce energy bills has spotlighted LED lighting.

  • Reduced Energy Consumption: LED lights use a fraction of traditional bulbs’ energy.
  • Long-lasting: With a lifespan often exceeding 20,000 hours, frequent replacements are rare.
  • Cooler Lighting: Unlike traditional bulbs, LEDs emit minimal heat, ensuring safety.
  • Instant Light: LED lights brighten up immediately when turned on.
  • Variety in Colors: Available in multiple shades, they cater to aesthetic and functional needs.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Producing less CO2 emissions, they are a greener choice.
  • Cost-effective: While the initial cost might be higher, savings, in the long run, make up for it.

Taking steps towards an energy-efficient home is not just about savings. It’s also about positively impacting the environment and future-proofing your property for the market.

Revamp Kitchen Fixtures 

Homeowners often overlook small changes that can bring significant returns. Upgrading your kitchen fixtures is one of them. Why? The answer lies in the return on investment.

  • Cabinet Hardware: New knobs or handles can drastically change the look of your cabinets without breaking the bank.
  • Faucets: Modern faucets don’t just look better; they also come with features that make them more efficient.
  • Lighting Fixtures: A well-lit room can make a space more extensive and inviting.
  • Drawer Pulls: Just like cabinet hardware, drawer pulls can revamp the overall feel of your storage.

Reinvesting in these small areas can boost the appeal of the two most used spaces in a home. Home buyers often focus on kitchens and bathrooms, so updating them is a good idea.

Landscape Makeover 

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. It’s often the first impression of a home. According to a Forbes article, enhancing the exterior of your property significantly increases its market value.

  • Trim Hedges: Overgrown hedges can make homes seem neglected. A simple trim can refresh your property’s look.
  • Fresh Mulch: This can rejuvenate garden beds and give them a polished appearance.
  • Paint the Front Door: A splash of color or a clean, fresh coat can make your entrance stand out.

A landscape makeover is a cost-effective way to elevate the entire look of your property.

Ditch the Old Carpet

Flooring trends in West Michigan have evolved over the years. The carpet, once a staple, is now often replaced with more contemporary options.

  • Hardwood: Timeless and elegant, it adds warmth to any space.
  • Laminate: Durable and easy to maintain, laminate offers a variety of styles.
  • Vinyl Plank: Resilient and versatile, mimics natural materials at a fraction of the cost.

Transitioning from carpet to these alternatives enhances the aesthetic and offers practical benefits, from durability to easier maintenance.

New Paint for a Fresh Look 

Paint makes a difference when preparing a home for the market or simply revitalizing a space. Neutral shades, in particular, have a broad appeal. They act as a blank canvas, allowing potential buyers to visualize their own decor and style.

  • Wide Appeal: Neutral colors please a variety of tastes.
  • Room Expansion: Lighter shades can make rooms feel bigger.
  • Versatility: They complement most furniture and decor.


Improving a home goes beyond aesthetics, it increases functionality, comfort, and value. From ensuring a well-maintained HVAC system to choosing the right paint shade, each decision impacts the home’s appeal, especially in the West Michigan property market. 

Consider these improvements whether you’re looking to sell or simply want to enhance your living space. They’re not just changes but upgrades to a better home experience.