Last year’s wedding report predicts that more than 2.2 million couples in the United States will tie the knot in 2023.

The wedding industry is still booming after COVID shut things down. If you’re planning on getting married this year, there are a few things you need to know so you can stay on track. 

Keep reading if you want to know what to prioritize in your 2023 wedding planning so your day is unforgettable!

1. Focus on Intimacy

One of the biggest wedding planning tips for 2023 is to create a wedding that’s intimate and meaningful.

People are struggling to pay rent, groceries, and gas, and now isn’t the time to splurge on the unnecessary. You can work with a wedding planner to ensure all of your loved ones attend, but your cousin’s uncle’s mom doesn’t need an invitation. 

You and your partner will enjoy the day if things are kept intimate, which will also reduce stress. 

2. Give Your Bridal Party Options

When it comes to fashion, one-size-fits-all is rarely an option.

If you want to help your bridal party look great and have stunning pictures, you need to give them options. In 2023, brides are giving their bridesmaids the option to pick the style and color of their dresses. 

You can set guidelines and offer color scheme examples, but everyone will be excited about their bridesmaid dresses. Many people recommend these long-sleeved bridesmaid dresses since they are versatile. You can blend short and long dresses or stick with similar styles.  

3. Start Planning Early

If you’re looking for realistic wedding tips, you need to start planning your big day as soon as possible.

Certain tasks must wait until it’s closer to your wedding day, but many things will take a while to find. Picking a wedding dress, venue, and menu can be overwhelming, and there are many other details to consider.

The more time you give yourself for planning, the more confident and prepared you’ll feel when you say “I do.” 

4. Get Personal

At the end of the day, you and your partner are getting married to each other.

Don’t be afraid to get personal and add special touches to your ceremony and celebration. You can select a theme that holds significance to the relationship or even gets married where you met! 

There are endless options for adding your special touch to your wedding, don’t hold back on exploring them. 

5. Create a Budget

Preparing for a wedding can be costly, especially when you consider all of the small and large expenses. 

Not only do you need to pay for a venue and caterer, but you’ll also need a photographer, flowers, and decorations. Cake tastings and open bars will also come at a cost, and you don’t want to feel unprepared.

Talk to your partner to create a realistic budget that won’t put your marriage in debt.

That said, if you are tight on budget, you can order flowers from an online flower shop.

Wedding Planning Tips to Help You Down the Aisle

If you want to avoid becoming a “bridezilla,” you need to tackle your wedding planning with optimism.  

Giving yourself plenty of time for planning will relieve stress. Professional planners, family, and friends can help you design an intimate wedding. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches and emphasize special moments with your partner.

Be sure to read our blog for more info about planning your big day and finding wedding resources!

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