The gift of a memorial tree is a thoughtful remembrance of someone you love. Memorial tree gifts are planted for a number of reasons including holidays such as Christmas, or milestones such as a birthday or significant anniversary. When you plant a tree in remembrance you are making a positive impact on Mother Nature. 

Many reforestation efforts around the United States accept memorial trees, like A Living Tribute. If you would like more information on gifting a tree for a special person or occasion, continue reading below for some answers to frequently asked questions about memorial tree planting.  

1. How do I choose a tree?

If you will be planting your memorial tree locally on your property on your or a loved one’s property try contacting a local nursery for a selection of trees that are natural to our demographic region. A local seller will also be able to offer you information on not only the planting of your tree but how to care for it later with watering schedules, fertilizers, and pruning tips to keep it healthy for many years to come. 

2. Can I send A tree as A gift?

Yes. You can send memorial trees to be planted by the recipient in a gift box just like having flowers delivered. To get started search for a florist or nursery that ships trees. Do consider where the tree will be planted when choosing the variety to make sure that the tree will thrive in its environment. Typically the recipient or the giver will receive a personalized card to commemorate your tree. 

3. Can I choose the area for reforestation?

Absolutely! Choosing an area to have your memorial tree planted is a simple process. The Forest Service plants new trees in National Forests and State Parks that need trees across the country. There are lists online containing all of the information needed for ongoing projects and how to purchase trees. 

4. Can I buy more than one tree?

When buying memorial trees you can opt to buy just one tree or an entire forest. Conservation organizations like the National Forest Foundation happily take care of memorial tree planting to restore National Forests and Parks all over the country. They will have a selection of trees to choose from for the area.

5. How much does it cost?

Planting a memorial tree in someone’s honor is relatively inexpensive, and at this time can be found for as little as $9.99 per tree. Be sure to ask about discounts for buying multiple trees planted in the same location as this is often available. 

Dedicate A Tree

Dedicating a tree to someone’s memory or honor is a terrific way to show that you care not only for the person but the planet. Trees improve our air quality and help protect the land from erosion as well as reduce flooding. Trees are good for our animal friends too providing shelter and food. Consider a memorial tree planting today for a memorable gift that lasts.